Just realized how much of a problem overthinking is for me and if you also suffer from anxiety, stress or worry you’ve probably experienced similar situations…

Just about a minute ago I was thinking about how I might get my period today and how it is probably going to be painful and about how I have a meeting in a few hours, so cannot go home in case I feel ill… Then I thought about the fact that I have gotten prescriptions medication for the pain now to try out and the fact that it says on the packet not to use if you have high blood pressure, and that my dr. knows I have high blood pressure, so it’s probably not gonna be a problem, right? Then I thought about what might happen if I take it. I’ve read some horror stories of people who have used the same drug online… What if I faint or get internal bleeding in my stomach from taking it? I can imagine how people would flock around me at uni and maybe call an ambulance or ask the local GP personnel to come over and help. I imagined how it might be to faint and then wake up in pain in an ambulance with blurry vision, with some medics trying to get in touch with me…

And the list goes on and on… I can think about these kinds of “what if” situations all day sometimes. I’ve already used about an hour on just worrying about that and trying to calm down again. Although, no-one would know, because I pretend to be on my laptop, or I kind of am, but I can’t focus on anything that’s on the display… I’m just staring at it, worrying and thinking about all sorts of things. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog. Because I wanted others who are like me in this way to know that you are not alone. Often times I really feel like I am the only one I know who is suffering from anxiety like this, but when I think about it, most of my friends wouldn’t know that I have it either. So, how could I know?

Anyway, just felt like writing down a so called “stream of consciousness” today as well because it really helps me to put my thoughts down somewhere and hopefully be able to share it with someone eventually. Hope you got something out of this post too if you suffer from the same things that I do. Sorry that these posts are a bit messy and badly written, but I feel like I should just write everything down that’s on my mind at that moment and not think too much about revising, grammar and set-up. In that way I can be more true to you I think.

Talk to you again soon! x





Deadlines, contraceptives and Anxiety


I  really felt like writing to you just now even though I have an important deadline tomorrow and I have a lot to do just now! This, in addition to the fact that I am about to fly home for Christmas soon makes me really anxious! I have also been trying to find out if I want to start on contraceptives again after coming off the Nexplanon implant because of problems with increased anxiety, loss of libido and migraines.

So, one thing at a time…

The deadline I am going to have to deal with after writing this post. I’m trying to think of this as a kind of therapy which hopefully will make me calm down a bit so that I can concentrate better on my coursework. In general I feel that putting my nagging thoughts down on paper works well to make me feel less anxious and get rid of those thoughts for a while. It makes me feel like I don’t have to keep thinking of stuff that I might forget otherwise or similar.

Something else that I just did that helped me calm down a lot was listening to one of my favourite hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety relief (see the video below). My problem is often that I don’t feel like I have a lot of time when I am really stressed out or anxious, e.g. because of a deadline the next day like today, and I don’t want to listen to a full hour or half hour recording. That’s when this little video becomes very handy, it usually helps me relax very quickly and only lasts 15 mins in total. I guess the fact that it is so short makes me relax more alone since I know I won’t be in too much trouble regarding my coursework for just taking a 15 min break.

I’ll also post this lecture about how to turn anxiety into calmness. I find it is very relaxing to listen to, although it lasts for a while so you might want to save this one for when you have a couple of hours to spare 🙂


Regarding my fear of flying… I usually just ignore it until the day before the flight when my anxiety becomes unbearable, have a major break down and then somehow I am still able to force myself onto that plane time after time… I fly about 6-8 times a year and my fear of flying goes up and down in intensity, was probably at its worst when I was on Nexplanon, hence one of the reasons why I stopped using it. At that time I would be shaking all the time on 8 hour flights and sometimes even throwing up, plus have diarrhea days before etc. It is better now, but I still feel anxious up to a month before I go flying on and off. The way I deal with this is usually watching some fear of flying vids online which explains all airline procedures etc or some hypnotherapy vids, otherwise I would sometimes have a pint of beer before I board the plane. Won’t recommend alcohol against anxiety as it can make it worse long term, and it is no way of tackling the root of the problem, however I do anything to just get on the plane sometimes and it works until you’ve found another method… At least for me… But I just stick to the one pint, just helps me relax a bit, but doesn’t make me drunk or anything. i.e. not dealing with that too well yet, still searching for a way to cope better with this. I’ll take any suggestions if you have some!

Lastly, I want to talk a little bit about contraceptives and anxiety. I have high blood pressure, chronic acid reflux and sometimes suffer from migraines without aura. Because of this, I am not supposed to be on combination pills which contain both oestrogen-like hormones and progeserone-like hormones. I have however been on a combination pill (think it was Mercilon) years ago for just about 6 months and I felt fine on it, had regular periods that were normal to me (only a bit of cramping the first day or so and medium bleeding). Although at that time I was working out all day everyday (almost) and think that helped my anxiety and blood pressure. After that I was off contraceptives for about 2-3 years before starting on Nexplanon (the implant) which went well for the first year or half-year before bad symptoms occured as mentioned above. So, I got it removed (which took about an hour btw, because the dr had never done it before. needed stitches after as well, although did not hurt, so don’t worry if you’re about to do it, it’s fine…) after 2 years and got my period back after about 1 month. First period was about as normal, but from the second onwards I’ve had really bad cramping and heavy-ish bleeding for about 4 out of 6 days (used to last 5 days max). Have now been off the implant for about 6 months and have to take prescription painkillers for the pains because ibuprofene was not enough. I would not like to be on these painkillers forever since my stomach probably can’t handle it, so I am hoping that my hormones will balance to normal in a few months, if not I will have to start on some kind of contraceptive again… Have checked many reviews on different kinds of mini-pills (progestogen only pills) and they all say different things, guess it depends on your body, genes etc on what works best for you. However I think that if you don’t have any big problems with normal period, just use condoms, try not to have sex when ovulating and do not take any hormonal contraceptives. I might have to start on them again though, but will in that case make sure I get something with a different hormone-like substance in it than what Nexplanon contains… That is something important I wanted to tell you, the different brands are made of different chemicals, so if one does not work well another mini-pill might work a lot better… Hope to find a solution to all of this soon!

Wow, long post! Sorry about that. Should have posted a potato in the end:P Please ask me if you have any questions about my experience on these contraceptives though or any other questions.

Talk to you soon x

Online Yoga Video Suggestions for Headaches

Hi there,

I have a couple of videos that I usually watch whenever I have a headache, and sometimes my headaches disappear instantly after I’ve watched them and done at least most of the yoga “moves” they contain. After watching them a couple of times, I found out which moves that works best for me and so I now continue to do whatever feels particularly good for longer than in the video e.g. and just skip some parts, because I get the most out of them in that way. That is why I would recommend everyone to watch the videos a few times before deciding whether they work for you or not and to, in the end, just do the parts that you like. In other words, it can be stressful in the beginning to try and follow a routine someone else made, which they may like, but which may not meet your needs in the same way… So, do it the way you feel is best, there is no wrong way of doing relaxation techniques and stretches that are as soft and gentle as these.

Anyway, here are the two videos, try them out if you want 🙂


Bird Twitter

Good Evening,

Today has been a very good day since I have not felt very stressed out or ill at all and therefore I’ve felt really happy! I am however, still writing on two reports and when I took a little break from that I listened to some recordings I’d done earlier on my cell phone. One recording was just the sound of a park near where I live on a sunny day with lots of bird twitter, and it made me feel very relaxed.

So, today I would like to recommend you to do just that! When you are in a park or some other beautiful place that you feel relaxed in, record the sound of it on your cell phone and listen to it whenever you feel stressed out at home or anxious.

Happy listening,

Love, Stressie

Sunshine Lowers Blood Pressure


I created this blog because I have been struggling with stress and anxiety for years and I use a lot of time to try to figure out a way to be less anxious and stressed out. I know that one thing that helps me stress down is writing down my thoughts, I also thought that it would be good to be able to share my experiences when it comes to stress relief here and maybe help someone else on the way. Maybe you won’t have to try out everything I have if you read this, although we are all different, so I cannot guarantee that what works for me will work for you of course. Hopefully, you’ll find some of what I’ll be writing about useful anyway!

So, today I am supposed to write a report for university and I just cannot concentrate and felt a slight headache coming on since this morning and I just get more and more stressed out thinking about the fact that I haven’t gotten anything done yet and it is now 4 pm. At least I managed to stress down a little since this morning and I am now headache free. What I did to achieve this was simply to take a short walk in the park and sit down to soak up some sun for about 20 mins. I once read that research proves that sunshine on your skin can lower your blood pressure and relax you. I believe this is true since I usually feel more relaxed on a sunny day than a cloudy one. I have also been suffering from high blood pressure because of stress for years so I go outside whenever it’s sunny and whenever I can to relax my veins!

After the walk, I listened to a guided meditation video/audio on youtube which lasted for about 10 mins only, but it made me fall asleep in my chair and relax completely for a few minutes.

Because this worked for me, I recommend you to try it if you are stressed out or anxious. If you haven’t done anything like it before (yoga/meditation), it may take you a while to “get into it”, but just stick with it and you’ll probably end up loving it and experiencing health benefits from doing it like I have. It actually took me a couple of years to properly love doing this kind of thing. I have done yoga in the U.S., in Norway and in the UK and it was different for me everytime, I only truly enjoyed one of those courses in the end and now I prefer doing it at home finding videos online which suits my needs. I particularly recommend yoga for light headaches, look it up on youtube and try a few videos to find an instructor you like the style of.

Wish you all the best,