8 months on Cerazette, an Easy Fix for the Boob-Soreness Side-Effect and Procrastination.



So, I talked about how I was going to do yoga, meditation, excersise and go to a psychologist regularly this school year (16/17), well I have not done much of any of those things I’m afraid… But I’ve done a bit of it and I’ve been feeling ok. Yes, I get the occational small break down (an evening of despair here and there), but it’s no where NEAR as bad as it was when I lived abroad and was on Nexplanon (and at that time I was excercising more regularly than now even)! My mood is soooo much more stable now! I’m really happy about that, it makes a world of difference, I actually feel like myself most of the time now and I am still on Cerazette! I don’t know if the mood changes are solely because of the contraceptives though, but I feel like they MUST have had some influence on my mood because the difference is huge!

Good News – I’ve been using Cerazette for about 8 months now and I am still almost completely side-effect free! There are only two things I have to complain about at the moment regarding contraceptives and that is, I’ve gained about 5 kg (approx. 11 lbs) in the last 6 months-ish and my boobs are very sore. This is not bad though compared to having crazy mood swings, crying almost every night, feeling super anxious and paranoid about everything (when on Nexplanon) and bleeding lots for 6-7 days a month with horrible pains that made me have to be on dangerous prescriptions drugs that made me at risk for all kinds of horrible things (when on nothing after having been on Nexplanon for almost 2 years)!

You can never really be sure that the weight gain is from taking the contraceptive, but I have never gained this much in such short time so effortlessly before! I mean, if I don’t work out for a while I usually just feel less hungry and therefore does not gain much weight if anything at all, I’ve been like this my whole life until now. Now I don’t eat a lot and I still gain weight… But this is still the best contraceptive I’ve been on so far, would choose a few extra kgs to extreme mood swings any day! …and I’m sure the extra pounds would go if I just went to the gym twice a week and maybe ate a bit less, so it’s not that bad… Except it’s a bit weird not to fit into any of your old clothes anymore (I usually keep most of my clothes until they break).

Btw. a doctor wrote somewhere online as a reply to someone who asked about weight gain on contraceptives that contraceptives can make you gain more water weight (makes your body retain more water) and they can make you more hungry, so in the latter case would maybe indirectly make you gain weight. From what I’ve read in several forums though, it seems that it really depends on the person who takes the contraceptives, so even if I gain weight on Cerazette, you might not. So, do give it a go before deciding it’s not for you.

Regarding the boob-pain, there is something you can do about it right away that does not take a lot of effort! I looked up “sore breasts” or similar online one day and found that many women said they felt much better after taking vitamin E, so I tried it and guess what, the pain disappeared! So, that’s an easy fix, thankfully, cause I hate having sore boobs! …Makes it harder to sleep as I like sleeping on my stomach (even though I wouldn’t recommend it as it can make your neck stiff). I usually take one gel capsule of vitamin E per day (I think it is 30 mg per capsule) and if I miss a couple of days, the soreness comes back, so try to remember to take one a day. If you don’t want to take pills or gels, there are ways to increase the amount of vitamin E in your diet and it is supposedly easier for your body to take up that form of vitamin E, so if you can do that, that’s probably the best option. However, the capsules definitely work for me, so they should be fine. You might have to take a smaller or higher dose depending on your weight though, I’m about 61 kg now and 165 cm tall (5’5″).

Otherwise, I am still pretty good at procrastinating and I don’t know why I’m sooo friggin good at it! It’s so annoying! To give you an example, I have now got one assignment due in 3 days that I haven’t started on yet and I have 3 exams to revise for that I have barely started revising for (they are in about 2 and 3 weeks)! It’s not that I don’t try, I do usually sit on my computer trying to get things done for about 10-12 hours a day including weekends, even so I just can’t get anything done most of the time… I just stare at the articles I’m supposed to read and can’t get any of the information to stick to my brain for very long at a time… I’ve been trying to make lists and get more organized and try to just work for maybe an hour or 45 mins at a time and then have a break, but it only rarely works… So, I have basically done no school work for the last 3 days and the stress and anxiety is building up! I am doing a 10 min meditation every day though and try to go outside for a short walk every day to relieve som of the negative energy stress creates and it helps me stay quite calm, but it doesn’t always help me do more work… Oh, well… Sometimes I’m just thinking, you need to try to make the most of your life whilst you’re here, so don’t stress about the fact that you were maybe not made to sit still for hours and hours at a time at a desk somewhere and try to enjoy at least a part of every day.

So, the times I enjoy the most at the moment is dinner and playing Rocket League with my boyfriend. We are both quite competetive so we get really into it and I really like that, takes my mind off of all the work I need to do and stuff. I think it’s really important to laugh every day as well, so I usually watch some funny youtube-videos every day when I have lunch or dinner e.g. to feel better and it really helps me stick with university right now I think and not give up, even though I’m not doing amazingly well or anything… I try to remind myself that I am very lucky to actually be in university, that I have a safe place to live, a wonderful boyfriend and that I live in a country where equality is seen as something very important by most.

So, if you feel down or stressed, try to make some time for fun activities every day, even if it’s just 20 mins of the day, even though you’re really busy, it’s going to be worth it and maybe save you some time in the end because thoughts, feelings and mood have been proven to be directly linked to physicality and illness. So, you might not get ill as much if you take some time off to try to make yourself feel happy for a part of the day, every day.




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