It might sound old fashioned and a bit too “alternative” but if you’re as desperate as I am you will try it and find that it’s not as weird as it may seem :)

So… What the h**** are you talking about?! …you might think at this point. Why, I’m talking about meditation of course!headspace_content_marketing_strategy.png

I always thought that meditation was not for me and that I would never have the ability to just sit still and think of nothing for ages… But after more than a decade of stress and anxiety I was desperate, so after I saw a Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita’s podcast on youtube where they recommended this app/website called Headspace I started meditating.

This webpage/app provides you with short videos that explain how to start meditating and how not to get distracted etc. The most important thing I’ve learned here is patience. It takes time to get used to doing it and you kind of have to teach your body to do it. Like with most other things, practice makes perfect.

It has even been scientifically proven that meditation changes you for the better, it changes the way you view things, a part of your brain that is active when you are feeling empathy is e.g. activated more often in someone who practices meditation regularly. And the good thing is, you don’t have to sit there for hours and hours for it to make a difference. 10 mins a day is enough. And that’s another reason why Headspace is so great, because you can choose different 10 min. guided meditation recordings to listen to, some helps you deal with anxiety, some with fear of flying and some to stay calm whilst travelling by public transport e.g. You can choose a series to listen to with different topics.

So, right now I am listening to the anxiety series. It’s really good although I find that some days where I am really stressed out it can be extra hard to concentrate, but most days it works out ok (as in I can concentrate most of the time). You’ll learn techniques to deal with intruding thoughts etc. which are really helpful.

So, please try it at least for a few weeks before you decide that this is not working for you.

And btw. I am of course not paid by Headspace to say this, I just like Headspace and would like to share it with you:)


Click this link if you’d like to check it out:


All the best,




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