Me and my boyfriend agreed last night that it would maybe be nice for the both of us to have a nice breakfast in the morning to get a good start on the day so that we could both hopefully get started on our work early. So, this morning my boyfriend went to our closest cafe and bought us rolls with bacon, eggs and tomatoes plus a mocha each. We are usually very healthy, but like to get something a little less healthy every once in a while to taste something different I guess. However, I noticed that the roll tasted very salty, maybe just because I usually don’t use salt on my food since I easily get a high blood pressure I thought and ate most of it anyway. I took my time with the coffee and thought I could save the rest of the roll for later so I wouldn’t get too high a blood pressure (caffeine + salt = double high bp in case you didn’t know). I felt that I was being quite causeous and I even did a few yoga “moves” before I started to work on my dissertation to get some energy out which usually helps me concentrate and helps lower my blood pressure.

Despite doing that though, I got a low grade headache which slowly got worse for the next few hours and was later accompanied by a horrible nausea and I was feeling very cold and was shivering… I usually experience all of this during a migraine, but the pain was not located behind one eye and in the neck as usual, it was more all over the forehead and in the neck. Basically feels like I’m having a very sore or tense neck plus a bad headache. So, I didn’t take an ibuprofene and go to sleep right away which normally works best for me when I get migraines. I was feeling quite stressed out at this point since I had not gotten much done at all and my deadline is in just over a week’s time. The stress obviously doesn’t help with the headache and nausea, but I took a couple of antacids and it helped with the nausea plus later I had a paracetamol and took a short nap which helped as well. However, I am still not rid of the headache and nausea, but it is much better since I was also able to eat something after I got up from the nap. This time I had a quinoa salad with nuts, carrots and rocket salad which I think is so much better for me than bacon and eggs. It will be a while until I eat that again I think. I usually just get bad migraines when more than one trigger “happens” though, I am not entirely sure what triggers it each time but these things seems to have happened just before or when I get migraines and are things I consider my triggers at the moment: lack of sleep, too much sleep (more than 9 hours usually), stress, anxiety, alcohol, caffeine, salty and fatty foods, bright light (especially the light on overcast days), dehydration, cold temperatures, sore back/neck muscles from bad posture and/or gym and certain strong smells like my moms Red Door parfume or certain foods (especially makes my migraine or nausea worse when it is ongoing).

The triggers I feel like I definitely know are triggers are stress and too much sleep since I have had less migraines after I started getting up earlier on the weekends and just trying to stick to a more regular routine (although sometimes I just can’t sleep because of stress or am asked out for late parties where I find it hard to leave early and therefore have to sleep in to not get a lack of sleep). Regarding stress I know that I get more frequent migraines when around exam times and whenever I am extremely stressed out for some reason like because of my family situation at the moment (see previous post), the thought of moving to back home from overseas this summer plus finding a new place to stay and wondering whether I’ll get in to an Msc. there and what I’ll do if I don’t, whether my boyfriend will get a job there speaking the country we’re moving to’s second language only and the amount of work I have had a university lately. So, I know there is a lot going on at the moment and that there is no wonder I am getting migraines, back and neck aches and that I am in general stressed out a lot. Even though I am I feel like I am still dealing with all of this quite well considering I haven’t had any major melt downs, depressions or anxiety attacks for the past 4 months or so… I think it is as I think I’ve mentioned before, mostly because of me coming off hormonal contraceptives last summer (2015). Even though I am now struggling with a very painful period and some PMS-related issues in addition to painful sex and some bleeding after sex, none of which I have experienced before, I still think it is better than the emotional wreck I was on the implant (nexplanon). At least I feel happy most of the time now, on the contraceptive I was having anxiety attacks, paranoia, anger (was punching walls and felt like hitting people, which had never happened to me before and over small issues) depression, loss of libido etc most of the time for 2 years. It kind of slowly got worse, it was worse the 2nd year I was on it than the 1st year for some reason.

wow. I side-tracked a bit there in the end again… sorry about that haha… Feel much better just from writing this though. Think my headache is slowly dying off now (have been writing this in a dark room with sunglasses on lol).

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading my messy post and hope you got something out of it… I was thinking that I should at least try to mention as many symptoms on contraceptives that I had that I can remember, the symptoms of my migraines and how I deal with it in case you are feeling the same way or something and want to know what to do about it, what not to do about it or just feel like you are not alone at least…

I’ll try to write posts a bit more frequently than I have and update you on how things are going and maybe what treatments work for me regarding migraines, anxiety, stress, period pains etc and what doesn’t work in case you want to know 🙂

Best Regards,



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