How Singing Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Hi again,

When I was younger (in my teens) I used to sing almost everyday after school before my parents came home from work, because I have always been a bit shy about singing in front of others, although I’ve gotten much better at it:) But the last few years I haven’t been singing as much and have been more stressed out, so I realized that some of that could be because I’m not singing. So, I have now downloaded Smule’s karaoke app and am singing almost every day and trying to become a better singer as well as a more relaxed person by using breathing and relaxation techniques for singers. Always great when you get a “2 for 1” deal!

So, I just started looking up breathing excercises for singing online because I have a terribly low lung capacity (we measured it in an anatomy class I took once and compared to the other students). Now, a part of the reason for this is because I am a small-ish person, not veeery small, but smaller than the average northern-european girl, which means my lungs are smaller than probably the majority of my class mate’s. Thus, it’s not a big deal, BUT I have always loved to sing and have noticed that recently I’ve become out of breath easily whilst singing and cannot sing particularly loud or hold notes for very long. Since I know that one can excercise the lungs to take up more air in “one go” I thought that I probably should look into this and also look into how to relax my throat and neck more when singing as I get really hoarse and tense after just a little while.

I found a really good vocal coach on youtube (follow this link to see the video) and he taught me some really helpful techniques for relaxing my muscles when singing and how to expand my lungs properly (keep in mind that it takes a while to get good at it and to really notice the differences, but for me it helped a little already after the first session).

As I am a very stressed and anxious person most of the time, I find that I usually am really tense in the neck and shoulders as well as around my stomach and chest. So, I have this feeling of holding my breath sometimes, I believe I do this quite a lot without noticing because I’m so used to it, but whenever I notice I try to do some breathing excercises to relax and sometimes working out those tense muscles can also help exhaust them so that they will “let go”.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I just realized that singing and learning how to breathe properly and learning relaxation techniques for singers is really good for stressing down and for reducing anxiety because you will not only learn how to breathe in a calmer and more efficient way and to make it become natural to you with time (which often is the goal of many “how to get rid of anxiety now”-videos), but you will also get rid of some of that built up tension and negative energy that anxiety and stress brings by singing and “letting it all out” in a way.

That is something a therapist I once saw told me anyway, that I believe is true, that a lot of anxious/stressed people keep a lot of emotions inside and don’t yell out loud or similar when hurt or when angry like some others e.g.. That is very true for me at least and he says that by yelling you release that tention right away, rather than letting it stay inside you and build up… And I’m not saying it’s easy to go from a quite “ow” (or insert your favourite swear word) to a ” FOR !$%$#’s SAKE!!!!” or similar in a few days, but if you at least sometimes remembers and let it all out for a second every now and then, it helps a lot, at least for me 🙂

I think this “keeping everything inside” thing comes from the fact that a lot of anxious people (I mean people with anxiety disorders) are not very spontanious and they like to plan things and always think about things for ages before they decide on what to do or say to make sure they choose the “best option” all the time… And after years and years of doing that I guess it becomes hard to just suddenly scream out loud because you’re mad or something… Being spontaneous is something I really struggle with, especially when it comes to friends asking if I want to do something “right now”, I just panic and usually say “no”, because I feel like that’s the safest option, even though I often regret it later… But that’s a whole other story that I’ll talk more about later if you want 🙂

OK, I side-tracked quite a bit there, sorry about that…. Not very good at keeping to the topic, but hey, that’s just my style I guess 😛

Talk to you soon,

Sophie X




8 months on Cerazette, an Easy Fix for the Boob-Soreness Side-Effect and Procrastination.



So, I talked about how I was going to do yoga, meditation, excersise and go to a psychologist regularly this school year (16/17), well I have not done much of any of those things I’m afraid… But I’ve done a bit of it and I’ve been feeling ok. Yes, I get the occational small break down (an evening of despair here and there), but it’s no where NEAR as bad as it was when I lived abroad and was on Nexplanon (and at that time I was excercising more regularly than now even)! My mood is soooo much more stable now! I’m really happy about that, it makes a world of difference, I actually feel like myself most of the time now and I am still on Cerazette! I don’t know if the mood changes are solely because of the contraceptives though, but I feel like they MUST have had some influence on my mood because the difference is huge!

Good News – I’ve been using Cerazette for about 8 months now and I am still almost completely side-effect free! There are only two things I have to complain about at the moment regarding contraceptives and that is, I’ve gained about 5 kg (approx. 11 lbs) in the last 6 months-ish and my boobs are very sore. This is not bad though compared to having crazy mood swings, crying almost every night, feeling super anxious and paranoid about everything (when on Nexplanon) and bleeding lots for 6-7 days a month with horrible pains that made me have to be on dangerous prescriptions drugs that made me at risk for all kinds of horrible things (when on nothing after having been on Nexplanon for almost 2 years)!

You can never really be sure that the weight gain is from taking the contraceptive, but I have never gained this much in such short time so effortlessly before! I mean, if I don’t work out for a while I usually just feel less hungry and therefore does not gain much weight if anything at all, I’ve been like this my whole life until now. Now I don’t eat a lot and I still gain weight… But this is still the best contraceptive I’ve been on so far, would choose a few extra kgs to extreme mood swings any day! …and I’m sure the extra pounds would go if I just went to the gym twice a week and maybe ate a bit less, so it’s not that bad… Except it’s a bit weird not to fit into any of your old clothes anymore (I usually keep most of my clothes until they break).

Btw. a doctor wrote somewhere online as a reply to someone who asked about weight gain on contraceptives that contraceptives can make you gain more water weight (makes your body retain more water) and they can make you more hungry, so in the latter case would maybe indirectly make you gain weight. From what I’ve read in several forums though, it seems that it really depends on the person who takes the contraceptives, so even if I gain weight on Cerazette, you might not. So, do give it a go before deciding it’s not for you.

Regarding the boob-pain, there is something you can do about it right away that does not take a lot of effort! I looked up “sore breasts” or similar online one day and found that many women said they felt much better after taking vitamin E, so I tried it and guess what, the pain disappeared! So, that’s an easy fix, thankfully, cause I hate having sore boobs! …Makes it harder to sleep as I like sleeping on my stomach (even though I wouldn’t recommend it as it can make your neck stiff). I usually take one gel capsule of vitamin E per day (I think it is 30 mg per capsule) and if I miss a couple of days, the soreness comes back, so try to remember to take one a day. If you don’t want to take pills or gels, there are ways to increase the amount of vitamin E in your diet and it is supposedly easier for your body to take up that form of vitamin E, so if you can do that, that’s probably the best option. However, the capsules definitely work for me, so they should be fine. You might have to take a smaller or higher dose depending on your weight though, I’m about 61 kg now and 165 cm tall (5’5″).

Otherwise, I am still pretty good at procrastinating and I don’t know why I’m sooo friggin good at it! It’s so annoying! To give you an example, I have now got one assignment due in 3 days that I haven’t started on yet and I have 3 exams to revise for that I have barely started revising for (they are in about 2 and 3 weeks)! It’s not that I don’t try, I do usually sit on my computer trying to get things done for about 10-12 hours a day including weekends, even so I just can’t get anything done most of the time… I just stare at the articles I’m supposed to read and can’t get any of the information to stick to my brain for very long at a time… I’ve been trying to make lists and get more organized and try to just work for maybe an hour or 45 mins at a time and then have a break, but it only rarely works… So, I have basically done no school work for the last 3 days and the stress and anxiety is building up! I am doing a 10 min meditation every day though and try to go outside for a short walk every day to relieve som of the negative energy stress creates and it helps me stay quite calm, but it doesn’t always help me do more work… Oh, well… Sometimes I’m just thinking, you need to try to make the most of your life whilst you’re here, so don’t stress about the fact that you were maybe not made to sit still for hours and hours at a time at a desk somewhere and try to enjoy at least a part of every day.

So, the times I enjoy the most at the moment is dinner and playing Rocket League with my boyfriend. We are both quite competetive so we get really into it and I really like that, takes my mind off of all the work I need to do and stuff. I think it’s really important to laugh every day as well, so I usually watch some funny youtube-videos every day when I have lunch or dinner e.g. to feel better and it really helps me stick with university right now I think and not give up, even though I’m not doing amazingly well or anything… I try to remind myself that I am very lucky to actually be in university, that I have a safe place to live, a wonderful boyfriend and that I live in a country where equality is seen as something very important by most.

So, if you feel down or stressed, try to make some time for fun activities every day, even if it’s just 20 mins of the day, even though you’re really busy, it’s going to be worth it and maybe save you some time in the end because thoughts, feelings and mood have been proven to be directly linked to physicality and illness. So, you might not get ill as much if you take some time off to try to make yourself feel happy for a part of the day, every day.



It might sound old fashioned and a bit too “alternative” but if you’re as desperate as I am you will try it and find that it’s not as weird as it may seem :)

So… What the h**** are you talking about?! …you might think at this point. Why, I’m talking about meditation of course!headspace_content_marketing_strategy.png

I always thought that meditation was not for me and that I would never have the ability to just sit still and think of nothing for ages… But after more than a decade of stress and anxiety I was desperate, so after I saw a Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita’s podcast on youtube where they recommended this app/website called Headspace I started meditating.

This webpage/app provides you with short videos that explain how to start meditating and how not to get distracted etc. The most important thing I’ve learned here is patience. It takes time to get used to doing it and you kind of have to teach your body to do it. Like with most other things, practice makes perfect.

It has even been scientifically proven that meditation changes you for the better, it changes the way you view things, a part of your brain that is active when you are feeling empathy is e.g. activated more often in someone who practices meditation regularly. And the good thing is, you don’t have to sit there for hours and hours for it to make a difference. 10 mins a day is enough. And that’s another reason why Headspace is so great, because you can choose different 10 min. guided meditation recordings to listen to, some helps you deal with anxiety, some with fear of flying and some to stay calm whilst travelling by public transport e.g. You can choose a series to listen to with different topics.

So, right now I am listening to the anxiety series. It’s really good although I find that some days where I am really stressed out it can be extra hard to concentrate, but most days it works out ok (as in I can concentrate most of the time). You’ll learn techniques to deal with intruding thoughts etc. which are really helpful.

So, please try it at least for a few weeks before you decide that this is not working for you.

And btw. I am of course not paid by Headspace to say this, I just like Headspace and would like to share it with you:)


Click this link if you’d like to check it out:


All the best,



I Graduated! + more relaxation tips

Sooo… Short update (It’s about time, I know!).


Turns out, I didn’t have to worry so much about the dissertation or the contraceptives… I didn’t get the best grade on my Bsc. BUT I got in to my first choice university to do an Msc. (which I have now started) and I have now been on the new contraceptive (Cerazette) for 3 months and I haven’t noticed any significant side effects yet plus I lost my period straight away after getting on them so yay… Can be a bit scary sometimes, yes, but I feel pretty safe as long as I have a cupboard full of pregnancy tests I can use every now and then 😛

So the Msc is pretty stressful already (Started 3 weeks ago), but I have learned a lot and gotten so many new friends so it is great at the same time… Although I don’t know how long I’m going to last… We’re basically expected to work for at least 10 hours a day, which seems like a lot to me, especially since I get so exhausted that when I do have some spare time I just want to sleep or watch TV.

My boyfriend and I also got ourselves a new place (renting). It’s quite cosy and has mostly got everything we need except internet… And we are very dependent on that. We have some internet, but have to use a mobile internet here, because there are no other options and it is expensive and there’s a data limit, so not a lot of youtube/netflix or skype basically. Think blogging is fine though 😀

Anyway, I have a plan to try to get through this Msc. in one piece. The first part of it is to start seeing a psychologist regularly. I can’t usually afford that, but they’ve got free appointments for students here, so that’s great! Although, they say I might not be able to go there for very long at a time, because they’re quite busy… But it’s a lot better than nothing still… Also thought of joining the gym, although there’s no time or energy for that at the moment. Third thing I will be doing is meditation and yoga. I just started to do 10 mins of meditation a day with this free trial, it’s quite relaxing and nice, although I am not quite into it yet, but I think it’ll get better with time.

So, hope you’re doing great and if you’re stressed/anxious a lot like me and have troubles switching off at night, try the 10-day free trial as well or another guided meditation session on youtube for free and do stick with it for a while if you have the patience, cause I think it takes time to really get into it and stuff… But I feel like, after just 4 days, I am already sleeping better and feeling a bit more positive I think, so that’s a good progress so far I’d say 🙂

Sleep tight! (especially if you sleep under one of those tightly tucked hotel bed sheets tonight for some reason :D)

Løve, Stressie

PS: Also recommend ASMR-videos on youtube for relaxation. Especially like Maria (gentlewhispering)’s videos. If you haven’t tried it before, it might seem a bit strange… I thought it was in the beginning, but I was curious so I watched a few… and before I knew it I was hooked 😀

Migraines, Dissertation, Exams and Anxiety Tips


Hello there,

It’s been almost a month since my last post, so about time I wrote another one. Sorry about that, just been very busy. I just handed in my dissertation about 2 weeks ago now and it didn’t go very well, but at least I handed something in… I told my supervisor about my family situation and that I wasn’t able to properly finish my dissertation because of it. She was very understanding and recommended that I hand in a mitigating circumstances form, which means I might get a better grade if it is clear that my dissertation grade is not reflecting my potential. So, I felt really bad about it all for about a week after, but I feel much better about it now. I try to remind myself sometimes that worrying or in general spending a lot of time thinking about the past is not very beneficial for me in any way… Unless you’ve got issues about something that happened in your past that you need to resolve or something I guess 🙂 I had to reset my mind anyway, because my exams start in 1 week and I have not done much revision at all at this point.

A week after my dissertation hand-in I got a bad case of vertigo/dizziness and nausea so I had to stay in bed for two-three days. My Dr. thought it was an inner ear viral infection, which it might have been, but looking back I think it might have been a migraine. I got a migraine today and experienced dizziness and nausea as well. I researched migraines and found out that it is actually quite common to get dizzy with migraines and that sometimes the dizziness may be the only symptom. However, today’s case was much less severe and I had a Dr’s appt. anyway, so I asked her about it and she didn’t seem too worried. She thought it might have been due to migraines as well (At least this time) because I had no balancing difficulties although I felt like I was stumbling about at times.

The actual reason I went to see the Dr. today is because I wanted someone to check my uterus/ovaries since I have felt that something is wrong with them for about 8 months now (See previous posts for symptoms I’ve experienced). Earlier they have just tried to persuade me to take a new kind of painkiller or try contraceptives again, but I felt so nervous about starting hormonal contraceptives again because of my bad experience on Nexplanon that I wanted them to at least check first that everything is alright down there. This time, however I mentioned passing blod clots during my period, pain during sex and bleeding after which seemed to be the “magic words” for them to help me out. So I’ve now got an appointment later this week to get my uterus checked and I got checked for STI’s as well. Feel much better about it all now and I guess that if everything is alright I might try the Mirena coil like my Dr. suggested earlier. I’ve seen many horrible reviews about it and especially about people like me who suffer from high anxiety, but I remember I saw many horrible reviews about the nexplanon as well (about bleeding for months at a time e.g.) and most of those things didn’t happen to me in the end, even though I didn’t like it because of the mood swings and worsened migraines… The way my periods and PMS (which I never experienced earlier) are now, I just can’t live with, not even with pain meds, so I have to try whatever there is I guess…

The reason why I might try the Mirena coil first is because it doesn’t have oestrogen in it (can’t have that with migraines and high blood pressure), it affects the rest of the body less than oral, shots and implant contraceptives since the hormones do not have to circulate through most of the body first to get to the uterus (theoretically, some of it could still circulate from the uterus), most people lose their periods and experience less or no pain on them, they are cheaper and last for up to 5 years. It sounds pretty good, although I think I’ll have to work out a lot if I start using it to prevent too much anxiety etc.

Regarding anxiety, I’ve recently bought a book from Amazon about beating anxiety, written by a previous General Anxiety Disorder/depression sufferer (Carl Vernon). It is called Anxiety Rebalance  and I like it so far, have read about half of it, most of the help comes at the end it says so still waiting for the big “cure” 😛 It is already quite nice to read about his experiences (and horrible of course, would never wish on anyone to have to experience what he has), but nice because I don’t feel so alone and I recognize almost all the symptoms he had, some I wasn’t sure was caused by my anxiety before I read this, but now I am more confident that I am mostly well and healthy, and that it is just my anxiety causing most of the symptoms I experience daily like that feeling of “falling through the floor”/ligh headedness that he talks about among other things. It definitely hasn’t cured me yet, but I still hope that it can help cure me at least once I’m done reading it. Obviously, anxiety is something it takes time to overcome, but I do believe it is possible! I really do. Because as he says as well, it is all in your mind and you can change the way you think. I also want to say to everyone else out there struggling with anxiety like me, that if you’ve tried many many times to change the way you think but it hasn’t worked yet, don’t give up! It is possible, you just haven’t found the right way to do it yet or just haven’t sticked with it for long enough at a time. The tricky bit is finding what works for you, everyone’s different and everyone needs tailored “treatments”, but it IS possible! So whatever you do, DON’T give up and DON’T think you’re alone, there are many others like you and we are in this together:)

…Thinking of trying group therapy at one point when I can afford it, since I think that seems like a good idea. Maybe you should give it a go too if you can and feel like you need to change your thinking pattern?

Hope what I wrote today will help someone in one way or another, that would’ve been amazing!


Sending you many relaxing hugs 🙂









Me and my boyfriend agreed last night that it would maybe be nice for the both of us to have a nice breakfast in the morning to get a good start on the day so that we could both hopefully get started on our work early. So, this morning my boyfriend went to our closest cafe and bought us rolls with bacon, eggs and tomatoes plus a mocha each. We are usually very healthy, but like to get something a little less healthy every once in a while to taste something different I guess. However, I noticed that the roll tasted very salty, maybe just because I usually don’t use salt on my food since I easily get a high blood pressure I thought and ate most of it anyway. I took my time with the coffee and thought I could save the rest of the roll for later so I wouldn’t get too high a blood pressure (caffeine + salt = double high bp in case you didn’t know). I felt that I was being quite causeous and I even did a few yoga “moves” before I started to work on my dissertation to get some energy out which usually helps me concentrate and helps lower my blood pressure.

Despite doing that though, I got a low grade headache which slowly got worse for the next few hours and was later accompanied by a horrible nausea and I was feeling very cold and was shivering… I usually experience all of this during a migraine, but the pain was not located behind one eye and in the neck as usual, it was more all over the forehead and in the neck. Basically feels like I’m having a very sore or tense neck plus a bad headache. So, I didn’t take an ibuprofene and go to sleep right away which normally works best for me when I get migraines. I was feeling quite stressed out at this point since I had not gotten much done at all and my deadline is in just over a week’s time. The stress obviously doesn’t help with the headache and nausea, but I took a couple of antacids and it helped with the nausea plus later I had a paracetamol and took a short nap which helped as well. However, I am still not rid of the headache and nausea, but it is much better since I was also able to eat something after I got up from the nap. This time I had a quinoa salad with nuts, carrots and rocket salad which I think is so much better for me than bacon and eggs. It will be a while until I eat that again I think. I usually just get bad migraines when more than one trigger “happens” though, I am not entirely sure what triggers it each time but these things seems to have happened just before or when I get migraines and are things I consider my triggers at the moment: lack of sleep, too much sleep (more than 9 hours usually), stress, anxiety, alcohol, caffeine, salty and fatty foods, bright light (especially the light on overcast days), dehydration, cold temperatures, sore back/neck muscles from bad posture and/or gym and certain strong smells like my moms Red Door parfume or certain foods (especially makes my migraine or nausea worse when it is ongoing).

The triggers I feel like I definitely know are triggers are stress and too much sleep since I have had less migraines after I started getting up earlier on the weekends and just trying to stick to a more regular routine (although sometimes I just can’t sleep because of stress or am asked out for late parties where I find it hard to leave early and therefore have to sleep in to not get a lack of sleep). Regarding stress I know that I get more frequent migraines when around exam times and whenever I am extremely stressed out for some reason like because of my family situation at the moment (see previous post), the thought of moving to back home from overseas this summer plus finding a new place to stay and wondering whether I’ll get in to an Msc. there and what I’ll do if I don’t, whether my boyfriend will get a job there speaking the country we’re moving to’s second language only and the amount of work I have had a university lately. So, I know there is a lot going on at the moment and that there is no wonder I am getting migraines, back and neck aches and that I am in general stressed out a lot. Even though I am I feel like I am still dealing with all of this quite well considering I haven’t had any major melt downs, depressions or anxiety attacks for the past 4 months or so… I think it is as I think I’ve mentioned before, mostly because of me coming off hormonal contraceptives last summer (2015). Even though I am now struggling with a very painful period and some PMS-related issues in addition to painful sex and some bleeding after sex, none of which I have experienced before, I still think it is better than the emotional wreck I was on the implant (nexplanon). At least I feel happy most of the time now, on the contraceptive I was having anxiety attacks, paranoia, anger (was punching walls and felt like hitting people, which had never happened to me before and over small issues) depression, loss of libido etc most of the time for 2 years. It kind of slowly got worse, it was worse the 2nd year I was on it than the 1st year for some reason.

wow. I side-tracked a bit there in the end again… sorry about that haha… Feel much better just from writing this though. Think my headache is slowly dying off now (have been writing this in a dark room with sunglasses on lol).

Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading my messy post and hope you got something out of it… I was thinking that I should at least try to mention as many symptoms on contraceptives that I had that I can remember, the symptoms of my migraines and how I deal with it in case you are feeling the same way or something and want to know what to do about it, what not to do about it or just feel like you are not alone at least…

I’ll try to write posts a bit more frequently than I have and update you on how things are going and maybe what treatments work for me regarding migraines, anxiety, stress, period pains etc and what doesn’t work in case you want to know 🙂

Best Regards,


Bad News and How I am Dealing with it

Hi everyone,

Thank you for subscribing, even though I haven’t been very active here lately.

I have recently gotten some bad news. In the last 2 weeks I have been told that I have two close family members with cancer both on the same side of the family. For one of them the situation is pretty bad, the prognoses are not looking good, but my family and I are trying to make ourselves believe and we hope that this person whom we love so much and who is way too young to die, will come through this alive and will continue to have positive thoughts and fight. The fact that I also live abroad and cannot be there for him at the moment is hard to think about, but as I said I try to stay positive and believe that he will still be there when I come home in a few months and that I can help to make his life as normal as possible whilst he’s going through chemo/radiotherapy.

For the other family member I mentioned, it is a lot easier to look on the bright side of things and I really believe that she will be fine after treatment. Her prognoses are really good as well, although I wouldn’t want for anyone to experience the shock of getting to know that you have cancer and going through the exhausting treatments etc. of course…

Cancer is just the worst illness, I hate that it exists so much… I think it is especially horrible because it can last for so long and make families so tired of hoping and trying to keep positive, one day you think everything will be fine, the next you think they’re gonna die etc. and obviously it’s so much worse for those who have the disease and have to go through the physical part of it as well.

Right now, I am feeling hopeful though. Both my family members are feeling good at the moment and treatment has started for one of them already. I kind of feel a bit selfish for talking about how I cope with this and how I feel bad when they are the ones who are going through the worst part, but the reason I feel so horrible is of course because I love them so much and don’t want to lose them. It’s such a shock to everyone and so hard to realize that this is actually happening to them and me at the moment. I know that most people know someone who has or have had cancer, but for some reason I just thought that since we’ve been fine for so long (me and my family), nothing like that will ever happen to them. I know it’s a bit naive, but I think it is a positive way of thinking at least and I think it made me happy for a long time before this happened. And that’s good I think…

I have also got a bachelor’s dissertation to finish at the moment in addition to other assignments, I have financial worries, worries about whether more family members will get ill soon and many other things… My mind is full of worries at the moment, as if I am not worried enough as it is, but I still feel like I am coping well at the moment… Of course I’ve been really sad about my family members getting cancer and I have been thinking about it a lot and had a hard time focusing on doing daily chores and write my dissertation, but it has only affected me very much a few days… The rest of the time I have been able to keep a positive mind and do the work I needed to do.

I have in general been feeling much better for the last two months than I have been since before I started on the contraceptive implant (more than 2 years ago) and since I got it removed about 8 months ago. I am hoping that this means that my hormones are balancing out again. It could also be that I have become better at tackling stress, anxiety and depression in general. I know myself better now than what I did a year ago or two years ago. I know e.g. that if I sit still for hours and hours by a desk, writing on my laptop I will get back, neck and headaches/migraines and won’t be able to do much work the next day. So I make sure I take regular breaks where I either go to the park for a short walk, do some yoga, meditation or similar. And this also makes my stress levels go down because I don’t have as many days where I feel terrible physically where I don’t get much done e.g.

There are many more of these kind of things that I probably should’ve written about in today’s post, but I just felt like writing what my mind thought of whilst writing today if you know what I mean. I believe it’s a form of therapy in itself actually… Sorry, about the long post and everything, I might have to change the heading of this entire blog soon to “a blog about me” or similar, ha, ha… But yeah, thanks for reading this if you did/do and hope you got something out of this post even though it wasn’t great, I know 🙂 But hey, no regrets! I need to work on that… I shouldn’t apologize so much for what I do and just relax and think it’s fine, it’s good enough…

Finally, I want to end this post by saying something I’ve thought of a lot recently:

Remember that you’re family and friends may not be around for very long, so make sure you tell them that you love them or at least show it in things you do for them when they are still around. Try to make everyday a good day both for you and the people you surround yourself with.

Good Night and Sweet Dreams,

Stressie ❤